Try enhancing your basic banana bread with these ingredients

Who needs to enhance banana bread? Well, perhaps all of us.

One friend wrinkles a nose at the idea of dumping add-ins into a basic batter and mutters about, “Why can’t people leave the recipe alone?” Another’s eyes light up at the prospect of a nugget of chocolate or chewy dried cranberry lurking in every bite.

Frankly, despite the existence of cocoa flavored breakfast cereal, I’ve been inclined to regard a hit of chocolate before 11 a.m. a little akin to a finger of Scotch before lunch. The enhanced banana bread that follows is my idea of a great tea bread for an afternoon cup with a friend while the plain one, which is very sweet, seems more suitable for eating with breakfast coffee. At any event, we here at Taste Buds are all about suiting your taste, whatever it may be.

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