Someone must be put in charge of Ukrainian refugee response

It seems insensitive to suggest but what Ukrainian refugees arriving in Ireland most need is a czar. Spontaneous positivity rose up to meet the nearly 25,000 who have arrived. If paltry compared with the 4.5 million who left Ukraine, it is the largest inward migration of refugees in the history of this State. A mostly ad hoc approach achieved a lot in a short time. The nub of the issue now is that as a longer term looms, can the Government systemise its relatively successful first steps?

It is pure speculation as to how many more may come, or how long they remain. Government, NGOs and communities are working well to provide basic accommodation. The Department of Education is trying to move ahead of the curve by putting supports into schools. The main support in the EU for Ukrainian refugees is the Temporary Protection Directive of 2001. It assures access to employment, education and more.

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