Russian soldiers admit eating dogs and raping Ukrainian women in intercepted calls

The Ukrainian Security Service (SSU) intercepted radio communications between Russian soldiers and heard them talking about “eating dogs and raping Ukrainian women.”

In one of the audio clips released by the SSU, a man could be heard saying:” We have three tank guys here. They raped a girl.” A woman then responds and asks “who did?” To which the man says: “She was 16 years old.”

The woman then goes on to ask if the man speaking in the local language was talking about “our guys,” to which he says “yep.”

The woman could then be heard cursing in Russian. In another audio clip, a man could be heard asking if “they were eating okay at least?” The male voice on the other side responds and says, “not too bad.”

“We had Alabay (dog) yesterday.” The first voice then asks if they were eating dogs, to which the man says: “We have. We wanted some meat.”