Ringo Starr Baffles Internet With Feet Pics

Roll over Joyce Carol Oates, tell Quentin Tarantino the news.

Ringo Starr put down the drumsticks on Saturday and picked up his phone, much to the shock and awe of his two million Twitter followers.

The writer of “Octopus’s Garden” and “Don’t Pass Me By” was, by all accounts, trying to give a plug to the Blu-ray release of the Peter Jackson series Get Back. As such, he put the collection, still in cellophane, on the floor, took a picture, and added the word “YES” followed by his typical “peace and love” sign-off and a string of happy emojis. (And also broccoli. Ringo loves broccoli.)

For some reason, though, he included his feet.

Now, on the one hand (one foot?), it’s awesome, because Ringo is strolling around wearing personalized slides that say “PEACE” and “LOVE.” Always be branding! 

But on the other hand (sigh, foot), Ringo, who has given the world nothing but joy for six decades, is just a human being, as we all are. And it’s arguably the case that his piggies weren’t quite camera ready. Before you can say honey don’t, take a look. 

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Some of the responses were positive (“The feet that pounded out the beat!” one correspondent observed), and some seemed quite delighted (“for free!” was an alarmingly common reaction), but most seemed to suggest the image was ill-considered. (Alas, no one that I saw reacted with a cover version of “Old Brown Shoe.”) 

Happily for all, it seems as if Ringo got a little help from his friends. He returned to Twitter three hours later looking far less like a caveman

“Wow I just had a pedicure looking good,” he wrote, adding, of course, “peace and love” and another string of upbeat emojis. 

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