Prince Harry ‘seemed bitter and empty’ in life with Meghan Markle says analyst

Prince Harry said in his interview with the “Today Show” last week that he is happy with his new life in the U.S.A. with Meghan Markle but his face says otherwise says royal biographer Duncan Larcombe.

The royal commentator based his analysis on the 37-year-old’s facial expressions during his interview with Hoda Kotb, especially the part where he said California is home for him now. He claimed that the royal’s face belies his statements.

He told Closer magazine, “While Harry is claiming he’s happy in his new life, his face looked totally at odds with what he was saying – he seemed bitter and empty.”

Larcombe added, “I imagine anyone watching who used to know him will be worried about him after that interview. He just seemed desperate to justify his betrayal and convince the world – and himself – that it was worth it and he’s now happy.” He imagines that Meghan Markle is “really happy” now but Prince Harry “looks more lost than ever.”