Politicians should remember that the Bank of Mum and Dad are voters

How many people reading this truly understand what is happening in the housing market ? Who are they listening to ? How do they interpret the new residential start figures for 2021 – supposedly exceeding those of the boom years according to some, a notion laughed at by others? Why do some numbers differ by as much as 10,000? Are they all unaffordable as suggested?

Many would argue that housing is a national emergency of pandemic proportions and all but the most blinkered generation warriors know that it’s not a topic confined to the young. It takes around 20 minutes in the company of a few 60- or 70-somethings for the subject to raise its head and only a few more for it to develop into an agitated discussion about how best to help the offspring find a roof. Can the parents make a contribution towards a cash deposit? Or physically split the family home for them? Or hand over the entire house for a well-below-market sum? And what about fairness and equity to all the offspring?

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