Mass. reports 12,127 new COVID-19 cases over 3 days, as well as 83 new deaths from Friday


The state also reported 2,984 hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Here’s the data reported Monday, Jan. 31, 2022.

Newly reported cases: 12,127 (includes 3 days, Friday-Sunday)

Total confirmed cases: 1,485,623

Newly reported deaths: 83 (from Friday)

Total confirmed deaths: 21,419

Newly reported tests: 195,906

Total tests: 39,147,479

Percent positivity (seven-day average): 7.43%

Hospitalized patients: 2,202

Hospitalized patients who are fully vaccinated: 1,098

ICU patients: 348

Intubated patients: 219

View an interactive version of the state’s dashboard here.

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