Man arrested after driving dad’s Audi more than double drink drive limit before swerving off main road

A man was arrested after he took his dad’s Audi and swerved it off the road in Bury. The driver, who blew more than twice the drink drive limit, was taken away by police in the early hours of Sunday (May 8).

Pictures shared by Greater Manchester Police show the silver Audi, which appears to have swerved off the road after failing to stop for officers, but was luckily brought to a halt, teetering downwards over the edge of a footpath. There were no injuries.

Seen on the ground below is part of a black railing, which appears to have been ploughed into after the driver swerved off the A58, Angouleme Way, in Bury, close to the town centre. Police confirmed the driver was arrested after taking the vehicle without consent (TWOC) and blowing more than double the legal drink-drive limit.

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The picture was shared on Monday evening (May 9) by GMP’s Special Constabulary branch. The tweet said: “Here’s one from the early hours on Sunday.

“Lad took his dads vehicle, failed to stop for officers along Angouleme Way Bury but ended up here, thankfully with no injuries! Driver arrested TWOC and drink drive, blew over DOUBLE the drink drive limit.”

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