Make your own Chinese takeout at home

What is better than enjoying a Chinese takeaway at home on a Friday evening to unwind after a long week? This time, try preparing your own sesame chicken stir fry which is reminiscent of your favourite takeaway at a Chinese takeaway outlet.

This recipe is so quick and easy to prepare that you will be surprised that your flavour-packed meal is ready before 30 minutes is over. Once you have all the ingredients ready, you can stir fry the chicken cubes in the delicious sauce in only a few minutes.

The secret to getting this dish just perfect is in the combination of ingredients frying with the chicken.

Serving suggestion of your sesame chicken stir fry

Serve this succulent chicken dish on a bed of fluffy white rice. If you want to go full-on Chinese, serve it with egg-fried rice for the ultimate taste experience.

You can also serve your chicken stir fry with chow mein as it pairs deliciously with pasta as well.

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