Legendary Manc takes to the decks as partygoers dance in the sun on third day of Platinum Jubilee celebrations

Thousands of people again took the streets for the third day of celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. There was a party atmosphere across the region as people took advantage of the blazing sunshine and temperatures approaching 20 degrees Celsius at events to mark the monarch’s 70 years on the throne.

Tables and chairs were brought out as people played games and enjoyed food and drink at street parties across the region. High streets were also packed with drinkers and shoppers as events such as special jubilee markets were held.

A huge street market was held on the historic Underbanks in Stockport town centre including live music and a DJ set by former member of the Inspiral Carpets and legendary Manc DJ Clint Boon.

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It thronged with visitors as people checked out shops with jubilee-themed displays, and sat and enjoyed a drink with local bars and cafes putting tables out in the street as part of the Stockport Secret Street Party Event.

Les Waterhouse, 76, from Denton who was at the event with his family said: “This is great, exactly what Stockport needs. I wouldn’t quite say I’m a royalist but you can’t help but admire what The Queen has done over 70 years.

The Underbanks in Stockport towm were jam packed for the Stockport Secret Street Party event

“It’s never going to happen again in our lifetime that’s for sure. Even our children and grandchildren probably won’t. It’s a one-off so we should cherish it and enjoy it.”

Derek White, 72, from Reddish and a member of Stockport Heritage, said: “It’s great to see so many people out. It reminds me what it used to be like here in the 70s and 80s when you could barely move there were so many people.”

A special Jubilee-themed market was held on Castle Street in nearby Edgeley. Curator Clare Simpson from Worker Bee Markets said: “I love the Queen. I think she’s great. We held it this weekend as we thought it would be nice and busy and it has been, it’s been great and there’s a really great atmosphere.”

Punters took advantage of the lovely weather to drink and shop

For Ann Hussey, 75, from Shaw Heath, it brought back some memories. “This is fantastic,” she said. I love the Queen. And I think these four days will be great for the country.

“I remember we had a street party for her coronation on Brentnall Street. I was only five but I remember they closed the road off and I was sat at a big table next to my twin sister. I can still remember it now.”

In Cheadle more than 150 people gathered for a street party on Adshall Road. It was organised by Bernie Scott, 63, and Tracy Harwood, 42 who lived on the estate for over 20 years. They were out from 7am in order to get everything ready.

“It’s about bringing us all back together” Tracy said. “After Covid we needed something so this has come at the perfect time. It’s a chance to get back to normal, to how things were, meeting each other and being together rather than over WhatsApp or Facebook.”

Ve Glenn, 75, (left), Ann Hussey, also 75 (centre) and Denise Musson, 60 (right) out enjoying the market in Edgeley

Bernie said she is a massive fan of the Queen. “She has been in my life for a long time,” she said. “She doesn’t have a life of her own really does she and she does so much for the country. So it’s only right we mark it.

“We’ve got bouncy castles, karaoke, face painting, a barbecue, loads of beer. I remember there being a party for the Silver Jubilee in the seventies but I didn’t live here then so I’m glad we’ve managed to get everyone together now.”

Edgeley’s was one of several Jubilee themed markets held across the region

A big jubilee party in Audenshaw, Tameside, doubled as a charity fundraiser. Residents from more than 50 houses on and around the Leech Brook Avenue estate brought camping chairs and set up a food and drink stall and an array of games and entertainment for the kids.

It was the brainchild of Colin, 47, and Karen Beattie, 52, who have lived on the estate for over 20 years. Their family has recently been touched by cancer and the event was raising money for The Christie as well as celebrating the Queen’s milestone, with cardboard cutouts of her and pictures from her reign adorning the trees in the park in the middle of the avenue.

The event in the park on Leech Brook Avenue, Audnenshaw, doubled as a charity fundraiser

“It’s something close to our heart so we thought why not incorporate it with a jubilee party for the whole neighbourhood and collect money,” Karen said. “We’re delighted and proud at the turnout.

“I’ve never known anything like this in my 22 years living here but speaking to people today they want to make it a yearly thing now,” Karen said. “It has brought the community together.”

“I didn’t really know my neighbours until today but now I know everyone” Colin added.

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