Las Vegas bans grass lawns as a response to water shortage

Almost all metropolitan cities across the world have begun to feel the impacts of climate change, and authorities are now resorting to strict measures to undo years of damage.

Las Vegas officials have now decided to ban all grass lawns and have made the removal of all existing grass lawns mandatory in a bid to conserve water. Assembly Bill 356, passed on Friday, will prohibit Colorado River water from being used to irrigate “non-functional turf” starting January 1, 2027.

The ban includes the grass between roads and sidewalks, in medians and traffic circles and decorative grass outside businesses, housing developments and similar areas. It is expected to result in 30% of the 13,000 acres of this “ornamental” grass being removed in the Las Vegas Valley.

However, it is not applicable to individual homeowners who have the option of going for a voluntary program launched in 1999 under which homeowners are given $3 per square foot for turf removal.