Jimmy Kimmel vs. Marjorie Taylor Greene: a Brief History of Their Feud

It’s not secret that Jimmy Kimmel is not a fan of Marjorie Taylor Greene. The comedian devoted most of his Monday monologue to blasting the far-right congresswoman who recently testified about her role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, claiming that Greene “played even dumber than she actually is.”

Greene has quickly become one of Kimmel’s favorite targets, entering a space in the comedian’s joke roster previously reserved for Ted Cruz. Perhaps accordingly, Greene has been vocal about her distaste for Kimmel as well, saying earlier this month that she reported “a threat of violence” to Capitol Police over a joke Kimmel made involving her and Will Smith

The joke in question, which set off the pair’s ongoing sniping, was pegged to the confirmation hearings for incoming Supreme Court justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. Days before the Senate voted to confirm Jackson, Greene sent a tweet accusing the three Republican Senators who supported Jackson’s appointment of being “pro-pedophile.” 

Kimmel read Greene’s tweet on his show, then asked the audience, “Wow, where is Will Smith when you really need him?”—a reference to Smith’s infamous Oscars slap.

This began a public back and forth between the congressman and comedian. On April 6, Greene posted a clip from Kimmel’s show containing the joke, saying she had filed a report with the Capitol Police over its alleged “threat of violence” against her. Kimmel responded, tweeting “Officer, I’d like to report a joke.” The next day, Greene released audio of two phone calls she had allegedly received that made reference to Kimmel while describing threats of violence against Greene. 

Kimmel responded in turn on his late night show, saying that he doesn’t condone “any kind of threats against anyone.” Then he launched into a bit in which he wrote a letter reporting Greene to the Justice League.

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This past weekend, Kimmel was in D.C. to present the Mark Twain Prize to Jon Stewart. On Monday, he joked about being in the same town as Greene. 

“People there were worried I might get locked up, being in the same town as the ‘Klan mom,’ Marjorie Taylor Greene,” said Kimmel. “I actually met some of the Capitol police. I think I’m gonna be okay. There was no APB put out. I was able to walk freely around the city.” 

Kimmel continued to roast Greene—whom he cheekily refers to as the Green Goblin—bringing up a lawsuit brought by Georgia voters to remove her from the ballot for her reelection bid. “So the Green Goblin had to testify under oath for almost four hours, where she played even dumber than she actually is,” Kimmel quipped. He went on to mock Greene’s testimony, flaming the far-right senator for quoting the film Independence Day while on the stand. “Of course she quoted Independence Day,” he said. “To her that’s a history book.”

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