ITV Emmerdale fans predict soap’s next death after Al and Cain foreshadowing

With Meena Jutla out of the village you’d think the residents of Emmerdale were safe from any more murders. However, fans of the ITV soap are thinking otherwise and think they have figured out who is in mortal peril.

Cain Dingle and Al Chapman have been at loggerheads for many months as the businessman caused trouble for Cain’s sister Chas over The Woolpack and Cain has been triggered again as little sister Belle has joined forces with his enemy on a new business project – despite Al trying to steal her idea at first.

Last week, Cain stirred the pot as Al’s girlfriend Kerry Wyatt had concerns about her boyfriends closeness to Belle. However, it was Al’s ex Priya Sharma who Kerry needed to worry about as the former engaged pair shared a kiss. Overhearing what had happened, Cain riled Kerry who ruined a meeting between Al and Belle and an influencer who could have brought huge interest to their new business.

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But Cain’s plans to ruin Al’s relationship failed as Belle played peacemaker between Kerry and Priya who aired their differences before Kerry took Al back. And in recent scenes, Belle has been ignoring Cain after having enough of his meddling.

During Monday night’s trip to the Dales (April 25), Belle’s silence was clearly irritating Cain as she arrived in The Woolpack for a drink with Al and Kerry. He ended up leaving the pub but Al followed Cain outside and couldn’t resist having a dig at Cain as he hung up the phone on Lydia Dingle who was telling him to leave the pub.

Al said: “Promises promises,” before adding: “You keep plugging away at it, don’t you? You know it’s funny, the more you keep trying to derail my life, the better it gets. Come on Cain, don’t let it get to you.”

Al followed Cain out of the pub before stirring the pot

He then added: “I’m just glad that Belle finally sees you for who you are. I wonder who’s next?” as Chas appeared, overhearing the comments. “Look at yourself. For God’s sake Cain, this has to end before it goes too far.”

She then said: “I don’t care about Al but if you keep pushing and pushing each other like this, sooner or later one of you is going to end up in a body bag,” before Cain replied: “Let’s just hope it’s not me.”

And Emmerdale fans think it could be a foreshadowing of what’s to come after Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw teased that Cain and Al’s feud will take centre stage during a week of special episodes still to come this spring. “Something will happen that will make those two have to look at their relationship with each other,” she revealed to press. “There’s definitely going to be an explosive Cain/Al moment in our special week. I think the audience are really enjoying these two men constantly at war.”

Chas overheard Al’s comments

@RyanGTweetsTV tweeted: “Chas is right – Cain needs to end this childish feud with Al before things get out of hand #Emmerdale.”

“This foreshadowing for Cain and Al week – would Emmers really be brave enough to kill off a Dingle above all Cain? I’m not so sure. #emmerdale,” @VanityPending said.

@man18united shared: “@Emmerdale #Emmerdale ”Or else one of you will end up in a bodybag” Chas has just basically foreshadowed Al’s death in that scene with both Al/Cain, their rivalry will go too far!”

“This cain and al feud better end in a death considering how tedious it has been #Emmerdale,” @delucaevans added.

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