If You’d Like to Be a Vase, Julio Torres Supports That

Maybe the mirror is a beautiful, shiny pillow.

[insert pic from book, see attached box drive]

I think this book could be a tool to connect parents to kids. Even for teachers or sympathetic adults.

Yeah, yeah. Kids can’t change legislation. But maybe they’ll be able to continue to be themselves and love themselves. And hopefully, hopefully, hopefully have parents that do the same, though that’s obviously not a given.

Are you interested in writing more books in the future?

Yeah! I’m a very idea-first kind of person. If I have another idea, then I will.

I wanted to ask about Los Espookys too. Is there going to be a second season?

Yeah. There are no concrete specifics yet [around the release date]. We had to stop because of COVID, and then shooting in Chile, and long story short, it was a two-year hiatus. But we finished it. It’s done.

What can we expect in the second season? Or is that all under wraps?

Los Espookys is such a kooky, offbeat show that I’m not gonna be like, “This person dies,” you know? “This person hooks up with this other person,” then rocks the internet. No, I think it leans into its oddity more proudly than it did in the first season. It’s a lot funnier, more visually compelling, and more sure of itself than its previous iteration. I’m very excited about that. It’s a beautiful world to escape to.

Will Andrés have pink hair next season? Or is he staying with the electric blue?

No, the blue hair is my cross to bear for as many seasons as we’ll have.

I also read that you have all your clothes custom-made from fabrics that you pickyou have all your clothes custom-made from fabrics that you pick, which is very cool. Do you have any tips for anyone trying to express themselves in their clothing? Even just getting the confidence to do that?

First of all, a lot of “male” clothing is so lame and bad. At stores, I usually go straight for the women’s. Even as a cis man, I’m like, wait, this is a women’s jacket? Just because the buttons are on the other side? Okay. I’m not even that fem, and I feel like this is completely within my limit.

I like thrifting in corners that you normally wouldn’t go to. I love picking fabric. I love going to a fabric store and getting really cheap fabric and then sketching something you haven’t seen, but you want in that fabric. If you have a friend that can sew, maybe they can do that.

So you actually design everything too? I didn’t realize. Do you sew, even a little?

No. I’m actually very bad. Anything with my hands, I’m really bad.

Thinking about toys, and childhood, things I really connected with as a queer kid—I don’t know if you have any familiarity with this world, but how do you feel about American Girl dolls?

As an adult, I’ve come to know what they are. I think I would’ve been all over them.

Do you have a good sense of which American Girl doll you are?

They’re all from, like, specific moments in American history?

Yeah. There are’s modern girls as well, but I’m thinking more of the historical line.

I don’t know if she exists, but I would be, like, the Bushwick doll. She moved here from somewhere else. It’s the early 2000s. She wants to be creative. She goes to college. She’s not very good at it, but she’ll make it through.

That’s so Rebecca. The Jewish immigrant doll who’s a New York City girl. She goes to Coney Island. Her parents own a shoe store.

She’s a tenement girl?

Yeah. She wants to be an actor. I feel like that’s you.

Oh, that’s fun.

Yeah, look into Rebecca.

I’ll look for Rebecca. Thank you.

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