Hawks bust Pakistani kingpin – for supplying ‘fake passports’ to immigrants

A major bust has been carried out at a Gauteng Home Affairs branch in the early hours of Friday, and Hawks officials swooped on a Pakistani kingpin operating with impunity. He’s been nailed for manufacturing fake passports and distributing them to undocumented immigrants – for a tidy fee, of course.

Fake passport bust: Pakistani kingpin arrested by Hawks

The significance of this sting has been lauded by the government. The suspect is understood to have had operatives across the country, working at Home Affairs departments and breaking the law in a care-free manner. However, the arrest of the foreign criminal is being hailed as a gamechanger…

  • A late night sting operation at Krugersdorp Home Affairs caught the syndicate in the act.
  • Just under 30 suspects, including the kingpin himself, were arrested overnight.
  • Locals were reeled in by the scheme, and SOLD their passports to people posing as refugees.
  • Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi says the Pakistani national is based in Eldorado Park.
  • It’s understood he has a wife, but Motsoaledi this marriage is just a scam ‘to support his permanent residency’.

Size of fake passport scam is ‘nationwide’ – Motsoaledi

Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi couldn’t contain his excitement, and he told the media that capturing the Pakistani kingpin would make it easier to prevent corruption at ALL departments of Home Affairs.

“This man has caused enormous damage to this country. Many people have been arrested for doing his bidding. Every time we fire someone at Home Affairs for being corrupt and working for this man, we discover new ones. This kingpin has A LOT of money. We had to catch him, and I’m very excited we’ve got him now.”

Herman Mashaba

Pakistani national heading for court, lengthy jail sentence

Herman Mashaba, the combative leader of Action SA, has also been keeping an eye of the fake passports scandal. He blasted the ANC government for ‘failing to protect South Africa’s sovereignty’, saying that Mzansi has become the ‘World Cup of International Crime Syndicates’.

“I call upon all law abiding and peaceful South Africans to follow this case very closely. We need daily updates and close monitoring until this matter goes to Court. South Africa is a World Cup of International Crime Syndicates. We must hold the ANC government for this failure to protect the sovereignty of our country.”

Herman Mashaba

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