Have an icy situation? Calgary seeks feedback on snow and ice removal plan

Do you have strong thoughts on how the City of Calgary removes snow and ice from local streets? Now’s your chance to give your feedback.

In an effort to address concerns, the city will be running a nine-question survey to review Snow and Ice Policy, starting March 1 up until March 25.

Calgary is oftentimes a winter wonderland, but with that comes a slew of snow-related issues.

The cold snap at the start of the year was another wake-up call for most of us, and the city is looking for feedback on what snow and ice removal services are required most by the community.

For the most part, snow removal has always been a slippery issue for Calgary. Many Calgarians have had an experience or two turning to private snow removal services as a failsafe when a big snowfall hits, as city crews are forced to turn their attention to major routes and arteries.

Snow and ice challenges are also evident during your daily commute. There have been various examples over the past few months of slick road conditions, in some cases leading to dozens of crashes in a single day. Snow and ice have also created issues for Calgary’s transit system, with some bus stops blocked and other sites made inaccessible.

“This is an important first step in the city’s policy review,” said Adam Pawlak, Leader of Planning and Operations of The City of Calgary’s Roads business unit.

The results from the survey are expected to help inform Calgary’s 7-day Snow Plan, approved by city council.

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“We want to know what is important to Calgarians, and how they feel about their snow services. Our goal is to determine what citizen priorities are when it comes to winter service in this city,” said Pawlak.

Though the city is gathering feedback now, up update to council is not expected until at least next year.

After hearing your feedback the city will provide an update to the council in 2023.

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