Fundraisers set up to benefit victims of deadly Worcester fire


Four people died in the blaze, and others were injured and displaced.

Worcester, MA. May 15, 2022. Scene of Worcester fire. Nick Stoico / The Boston Globe

Multiple fundraisers have been set up to benefit the victims of the deadly house fire in Worcester on Saturday.

The massive fire killed four people, two of whom were later found among the wreckage from the blaze, which tore through the six-family, triple decker home on Gage Street.

“I send my deepest sympathies to the families of the victims,” Mayor Joseph Petty said in a statement at the time. “Tragedies such as this affect so many lives and our city will no doubt come together to support those who are suffering from such an unimaginable loss.”

Gage Street residents who died in the fire were Joseph (Mohamed) Garchali, 47, Christopher Lozeau, 53, and Marcel Fontaine, 29. The fourth victim was identified as Vincent Page of Sunderland Road, 41.

Here’s a look at each of the fundraisers:

  • Mohamed Garchali was one of the victims of the fire. He leaves behind a wife, Bouchra, and four children ranging in age from 2 to 14 years old. So far, that fundraiser has taken in over $27,100 with a stated goal of $50,000.
  • Marcel Fontaine did not make it out of the blaze alive and a fundraiser has been set up to help pay for his funeral expenses. This fundraiser has taken in over $13,000 with a stated goal of $12,000.
  • Resident Aaliyah jumped from the third-floor window of the building and now has “numerous injuries” from the incident. A fundraiser has been set up to help pay for her expenses and for missed work as she recovers. It’s taken in nearly $4,900 with a stated goal of $15,000.
  • Steven Francis survived the fire, but now is starting over, having escaped with just what he was wearing at the time. A fundraiser endeavors to raise $10,000, and has taken in $300.
  • Keilen Thomas has also been displaced by the tragic fire. A fundraiser hopes to raise $3,000, and has taken in $570.
  • Steve Uvanitte survived the fire, but has injuries related to “severe smoke inhalation.” A fundraiser has raised $690 with a goal of $15,000 in the hope of helping Uvanitte through this difficult time.

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