Expect commuter rail delays this weekend due to high temperatures


Trips could take up to 20 to 25 minutes longer on Saturday and Sunday, according to Keolis Commuter Services and the MBTA. 

With temperatures expected to reach the high 90s this weekend, the MBTA is warning customers about the effects on commuter rails due to the heat.

Passengers should expect their journeys to take around 20 to 25 minutes longer, according to a statement from Keolis Commuter Services and the MBTA. 

“We will be closely monitoring the conditions throughout the period of extreme heat. There will be crews deployed across the network to determine where speed restrictions are required to ensure safe operations,” said Abdellah Chajai, Keolis CEO and general manager. “Our goal is to prioritize safety and minimize the service impacts so that passengers who need to travel this weekend can rely on the Commuter Rail.”

Local meteorologists predict a slight cool-off in the coming week, but that won’t save passengers from this weekend’s heat woes. 

Federal regulations dictate that when train tracks reach a specific temperature, the train’s speed must be lowered, according to the statement. MBTA and Keolis personnel will monitor commuter rail tracks to determine if these speed regulations need to be put into effect and for how long. 

Despite the prognosis on train travel this weekend, one Twitter user found humor in the expected temperatures, citing a certain fictional plumber. 

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