Eight-year-old girl gets every hair painfully plucked from her head in religious tradition

A video that has gone viral on social media brought a cruel Indian tradition to light, wherein a person gets every strand of hair pulled from their head by hand until they go bald. The tradition is followed by people who are devotees of an ancient Indian religion called Jainism.

The video that went viral shows 8-year-old Aangi Bagrech performing a practise called “Kaya Klesh,” a ritual followed by Jain monks who take the lifelong vow of diksha or monkhood. The painful procedure is carried out as a form of penance. Bagrech hails from Gujarat’s Surat city.

Bagrech had started living as a Jain nun during the coronavirus-induced lockdown in the country. Her new status implies that she will not be able to see her family again and will be known as Hemagi Ratna Shree Ma.