Detroit Lions’ Brock Wright looks to emerge from a young TE corps

No matter the position, it’s rarely ever an “easy” transition from college to the NFL.

Still, there are some spots proven to be tougher than others when it comes to making that leap; near the top of that list, tight end.

“I think it’s the type of athletes you’re going against, I’d say most tight ends lack length relative to the guys they’re blocking,” Detroit Lions coach and former tight end Dan Campbell said. “A lot of times most of these defensive ends now are 280 pounds and have 35- or 36-inch arms. If you’re lucky you’ll have 34-inch arms, most have 32-inch arms.

“So you don’t have the size, the length and if you’re not perfect in your technique to get into them and you’re going to struggle and it will be hard to get moving. So it takes a ton of fundamental work.”

Meaning, it’s nice to have veterans in that group.

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