Comfort food for a typical winter’s day

With the dropping of temperatures all over South Africa, it is time to bring out those comfort food dishes. This beef BBQ with cheese samp is one of those meals that are perfect for those days when you just want to curl up in front of a roaring fire.

This beef BBQ is deeply aromatic and will easily become a family favourite. Its rich flavour will invite your family to the dinner table long before the meal is ready to serve.

It also includes the method to prepare the creamiest samp you have ever eaten combined with cheese. So, if you are a cheese lover, this samp recipe is bound to become a favourite.

Tips when preparing your beef BBQ and cheese samp

The most important tip when preparing beef BBQ is to cook the meat really slowly. This is how you will get the meat to be fall-of-the-bone tender. Also, when you are browning the meat, ensure to scrape off all the brown bits sticking to the pot as it adds an appetising flavour to the sauce.

For optimal results with your samp, make sure you soak them from the day before in a litre of cold water.

Get ready for your next favourite winter bite!

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