Coconut and chocolate ystervarkies: A family-favourite dessert

Oh cake, you always know how to improve our day, especially when it’s cold outside. In South Africa we love these square goodies with coconut that we call ystervarkies or porcupines. They get their name of the comparison due to the desiccated coconut coating but these won’t hurt you. We have a great coconut and chocolate ystervarkies recipe for you and your family, perfect for those weekend events.

Making your coconut and chocolate ystervarkies

The cake is an easy recipe which you can do many tasty things with and reuse. The chocolate sauce is rich and sweet which will soak into the cake. You can add some of the coconut into the cake mixture if you are a big fan of the taste. Don’t soak the cake too long but also make sure that they absorb a nice amount of the chocolate. These are great for those weekend events when you’re not making malva pudding or great for bake sales at the kid’s school.

These cake treats are a staple of any grocery store, but made at home. Try our moist, rich and sweet coconut and chocolate ystervarkies with your family.

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