City of Vancouver invites feedback on its four-year capital plan

You can share your thoughts on the plan until May 22 at

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The City of Vancouver has released a draft of a four-year capital investment plan and wants you to comment on it. The proposal for 2023 to ’26 includes $3.4 billion in current and future infrastructure and amenities for the city.

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The investments are in basics like water and sewer pipes, roads and sidewalks, parks, libraries and recreation centres, as well as major projects like affordable housing, fire halls and service yards.

“Those who live, work and play in Vancouver are invited to review the plan to learn more about how the city plans to invest in its infrastructure and amenities over the next four years, and to share their feedback,” said the city in a release.

You can share your thoughts on the plan until May 22 at Surveys are available in English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Punjabi, Tagalog and Vietnamese.

You can also register to attend virtual information and Q&A sessions on May 11 and 12, from 1-2 p.m. on the Wednesday and from 6 to 7 p.m. on the Thursday. Or you can contact city council directly to share your feedback.

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Some of the highlights of the draft plan:

• $1.9 billion to maintain and renew the city’s existing network of infrastructure and amenities.

• $1.3 billion in new and expanded infrastructure and amenities to support Vancouver’s growing population and economy, in keeping with community plans and strategies like the Climate Emergency Action Plan, Housing Vancouver and Transportation 2040.

•$200 million to support projects where the city is a partner, such as grants to build non-market housing, and programs to support energy retrofits of private buildings.

The proposed investments focus on 12 service categories: housing; child care; parks and public open spaces; arts, culture and heritage; community facilities; public safety; civic facilities and equipment; streets; water; waste collection, diversion and disposal; renewable energy; and technology.

Among the goals of the plan are: renewing water and sewer infrastructure; renewing and upgrading aging community and civic facilities like libraries and rec centres; preserving and creating affordable housing and child care; and dealing with the effects of climate change.

The feedback will be shared with the public and be used to shape the final capital plan for 2023-’26, which goes to council for approval in July.

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