Cauliflower, mushroom and cheddar soup

Make the most of the autumn weather subtly hinting at the cooler weather on its way. Prepare an aromatic pot of cauliflower, mushroom and cheddar soup. It is the kind of soup you find yourself keeping returning to the pot to dish up another portion.

If you are looking for a delicious Meatless Monday recipe, this pot of steaming hot goodness is an excellent starting point. Mushrooms add a type of meatiness to the dish making this meal even more satisfying.

Tips when preparing our cauliflower, mushroom and cheddar soup

To get your soup silky smooth, bring out your blender. The blender does the trick to give this soup a super-smooth texture. When frying the mushrooms, make sure you do not fry the mushrooms too dark.

When serving, make sure the soup is hot. Top it with more cheese, a few saved mushrooms, and scattered chives.

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