Best Of Londonist: 8 May 2022

Best Of Londonist: 8 May 2022

Your weekly Londonist roundup.

This month’s must see shows.

A cloud with lots of colour coming out of it. The background is an unnatural bright blue sky

Crossrail is GO!

A purple and grey Elizabeth line train stands in a platform.

30 attractions on London’s doorstep.

Two small children peer over a wooden fence at a crudely painted model of an ankylosaurus

London’s new cultural quarter.

Modern buildings along a river with small trees in front

The RNLI at Tower Station.

A group of four lifeboat crew in yellow emergency clothes stand on a jetty beneath the concrete span of Waterloo Bridge. They look all heroic, like something out of a Netflix rescue drama, some proper good posing. But they are genuinely heroic

That’s the way to do it!

A traditional Punch and Judy show with an ornate roof

Floral sculptures take over west London.

A skeleton surrounded by flowers, mostly blue and purple

A trip down cultural memory lane.

A museum called Britain at War, seen from outside, built into a brown Victorian building

Dates, times, prices, trivia, pub crawl…

A purple Elizabeth Line roundel in front of the Canary Wharf skyline

The capital at its rosiest.

A rose bush fills the shot. It has pink roses.

Jukeboxes, leather booths and All-American food.

Mollies motel and diner is spelt out in red neon. A moped is silhouetted against these lights, in the foreground

Jez Butterworth’s chest-beating classic returns to the stage.

5 people, eccentrically dressed, appear to bellow and laugh on stage. The foremost wears a police tape sash saying crime scene do not enter

Talk about eye candy!

A riot of yellows, pinks and other colours as bulbous crystalline shapes grow upwards. Kind of hard to describe if we're being honest

Remember the ‘I Spy’ books? Consider this an M25-specific version.

Brick bridge over the M25 with 'Thank You NHS' painted above its arches in blue and white.

Family-friendly school holiday activities for all budgets.

Two actors, dressed as Gruffalo and Mouse, pose for the camera against a green leaf  stage backdrop

Tempting swimming lakes near the capital.

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