Best Of Londonist: 5 June 2022

Best Of Londonist: 5 June 2022

Your weekly Londonist roundup, featuring our best articles from the past seven days.

Route, time, performers and other info.

A map of St James's Park and the Mall showing pageant events

Is your bus affected?

A 24 bus to Pimlico

The Queen’s grandad inspired an icon.

Three red phone boxes. The right-most has someone inside, seated, apparently using it as an office

Our new competition with Middle Eight (sponsor).

Performers on stage with a very purple background

Including an opera on a beach, and portals to other worlds.

A woman in a yellow dress admires two sculptures which appear to be courtly ladies in red and blue
Image curtesy Opera Gallery. Photo: David Owens photography.

(And it didn’t even run on Sunday.)

A passenger in a wheelchair on an Elizabeth line train

Free to visit, and all for a good cause.

A woman sits beside a sculpture of two chimps on a circular plinth
Image Chris Dalton Photography

Bluebells, views for miles, and a resident yeti.

Looking from a hilltop, with a gazebo in the mid-distance and lots of trees in the distance

You get six attempts to guess the station.

A tube roundel with the words guess me in the middle, on a silver background

1.2km of disused railway to be turned into an elevated park.

A map of a walking route along railways, with lots of greenery

Who let the dogs out?

A rainbow-coloured corgi statue in the foreground with a park behind

Next stop: Cochlea-fosters.

A selection of roundels on backgrounds corresponding to the different line colours

A 145-mile ride — but you don’t have to do it all at once!

Two cyclists on a seaside path

Three days of free culture bingeing.

The artist Yinka Shonibare say in a room with his ship-in-a-bottle work behind him
Yinka Shonibare. Image: Marcus Leith

Mr Rotsey and his silver megaphone.

Castles, piers, concert halls, forests… and cute historic vehicles.

A selection of old vehicles in a museum, including a yellow and orange bus

Competition time! (sponsor)

Illuminated fountain in a long lake at twilight

What to see, where to go, eat and shop.

Inside Colchester Castle - a jumble of rooms and props

Watching over the Arizona desert.

A silver dragon statue with red bits under the wings
Image: Dorian Wallender via Wikimedia Commons

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