Best Of Londonist: 3 April 2022

Best Of Londonist: 3 April 2022

Your weekly Londonist roundup.

The Lizzie? The Betty? The Purp?

Photo: Matt Brown

New Tube for London mock-ups unveiled.

A mock up frontage of the new tube train
Image: TfL

You can get some satisfaction.

Exterior of the Eel Pie Island Museum. The upper floor is painted white and is quite shabby, the lower floor has windows filled in with promotional images. A black car and white van are parked outside

Helen Frankenthaler: Radical Beauty at Dulwich Picture Gallery. (sponsor)

Madame Butterfly room. Image: Alick Cotterill

“The things you regret are the things you don’t do”

Amy Conroy, pro athlete, practices with her coach for a wheelchair basketball game.
Image: Paige Kahn

Johnson vanity project looks to young influencers.

a cable car whizzes past the o2  - lit up at night
Image: TfL

Seven long-vanished classics.

Usain Bolt's painted head at the centre of a spectrum of colour, all painted onto an end wall

Or Elizabeth Tower, if you insist.

two bottle of the cause - scaffolding and no scaffolding
Image: HP Sauce

Exquisite cakes — and an ice cream trolley too! (sponsor)

From warblers to primroses.

Yellow primroses with green leaves
Image by the author

Wiener Holocaust Library explores struggle with fascism.

Protests against the work of antisemite and Holocaust denier David Irving, likely in relation to his employment by The Sunday Times, c. 1992. Courtesy of CST.

From windows to parks to… public loos.

The front of Buckingham Palace, with red flowers in the flower beds
Photo: Matt Brown

A fun, trivia-packed show.

A big letter C welcomes people into an exhibition about postcodes

Aaron Sorkin puts Atticus Finch centre stage in this reworking of Harper Lee’s novel.

Photo: Marc Brenner

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