Best Of Londonist: 24 July 2022

Best Of Londonist: 24 July 2022

Your weekly Londonist roundup, featuring our best articles from the past seven days.

It’s been putting on shows for almost 100 years 🤯

Black and white image of people gathered in an amphitheatre, watching a show
The theatre at its 1925 opening, which starred the famous Sybil Thorndike. Image: Greek Theatre Players

Yeah, really not sure about that baked beans one…

An assortment of crazy flavoured ice creams in branded tubs

Where an unseen Star Wars scene was filmed.

A rose garden with a beautiful weathered brick wall

Doctor Who foe part of BBC Centenary.

A Cyberman

Frameless launches October 2022. (sponsor)

A girl covered in coloured dot projections

8 concrete gems.

Black and white image of a brutalist looking pebbledash hospital with huge vent jutting out of it

Carnival’s back, festivals aplenty, and a brand new food market!

Slide descending towards beds of purple flowers

Melting cars and Turkish baths.


Small beer is shaking up the scene.

A pint is poured into a Small Beer branded glass

(And Puritans trying to ruin everything)

A building painted with a very floral mural featuring Rome and Juliet

But they’re for stations, not trains.

A man in high vis check a thermal heat image on a screen

From Tudor gatehouses to 19th century defence forts.

A canopied tower looking out to sea

Bye bye to the huge whipped cream and cherry 🍒

Sculptures of two hatted male figures - one much bigger than the other

‘Visionary, cerebral, undefinable, iconic’ — just how we like our eggs done.

A flaming pan in a kitchen

Hopefully in time for the Thames Tunnel’s 200th anniversary.

The shaft building of the Brunel Museum, ensconced in greenery, with an industrial chimney jutting out behind

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