Best Of Londonist: 14 August 2022

Best Of Londonist: 14 August 2022

Your weekly Londonist roundup, featuring our best articles from the past seven days.

Ever heard of Imberbus?

Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream.

“You don’t need to get arrested to get involved.”

It’s our river, after all.

A must-attend live event for photographers and videographers. (Sponsor)

We’re in a drought, but what does that mean?

A new way to get around the city.

No car required to visit castles, a fort and more!

Aperitivo hour anyone?

One ticket, 12 months of adventure. (Sponsor)

Queer beers.

Canaletto vibes in central London this September.

Part fashion show, part theatrical spectacle. (Sponsor)

Bridges, beer and baked goods.

Disclosure: we wrote this using both hands.

Advice from the hit property developer/TV presenter.

Last Updated 12 August 2022

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