Best Of Londonist: 10 April 2022

Best Of Londonist: 10 April 2022

Your weekly Londonist roundup.

It’s free to visit, and they might even offer you a custard cream.

A book showing pictures of lots of old biscuits

Because 272 of the real things just isn’t enough.

Crowds of people flocking onto a fake tube train

The excitement is building.

A family of four pick Lego bricks out of individual wall-mounted trays in the Lego Store, underneath a sign reading 'Personalization Studio'

Celebrating transport heritage.

A red plaque sits on a yellow-brick wall to the left of the entrance to Camden Road station

Legally, of course.

An interior at Sir John Soane's Museum

It’s tulip fever! (sponsor)

Plump pink tulips growing in front of the palace

One of history’s great artists gets the show he deserves.

One of many Raphael's religious paintings in the show, this one of St John the Baptist preaching. © The National Gallery, London

Crowds of 20,000 expected.

Actors playing Roman centurions form part of a 100-strong cast.

A still and silent city.

The underside of a canal bridge is illuminated purple

It’s been closed for two years.

A night tube roundel

Parties and events to salute the patron saint.

St George's Day 2019 events London

Teatro Hall is now open. (sponsor)

You can walk your dog in some of these spots, too.

A wood with a bluebell covered floor

When it’s a tad warmer…

kids plays in the fountain's pools

Live performance meets state-of-the-art tech for a truly dazzling experience.

Ballet dancers wearing outlandish masks

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