Bangkok man lived with wife’s body for 21 years before finally cremating her

A 72-year-old man from Bang Khen district of Bangkok held onto his wife’s remains for more than two decades before he finally decided to cremate her.

Charn Janwatchakal’s wife had passed away 21 years ago, and he had even registered her death with officials then. However, his love for her made it “difficult” for him to part with her remains. He had kept her body in a coffin next to him in a small room where he would sleep and speak to her as if she was still alive, wrote The Independent.

An executive for the Phet Kasem Bangkok Foundation, who used to visit the man to help him recover from a motorcycle accident, had no idea about the coffin in the house. The matter came to light only after Janwatchakal himself reached out to the foundation.