A must-try spicy side dish from West Africa

If you love spicy food, you are in for a real treat with the jollof rice recipe. Traditionally from West Africa, this tasty side dish is a must-try.

Jollof rice, also known as “Party Rice” in West Africa is known for its reddish colour due to the addition of a spicy chilli-tomato fried sauce added to the rice along with various other ingredients. It pairs deliciously with fried chicken, turkey as well as a coleslaw.

Tips when preparing jollof rice

For an extra delicious result, make sure to caramelise the onions in the oil before adding the tomatoes, spices, herbs and other ingredients. It is after all the mouth-watering sauce that makes the rice so tasty.

The best rice to use for this recipe is long grain rice. Make sure you use a good brand of rice for an optimum result.

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