A final Nordic skiing adventure in Rangeley to end a challenging winter

Finding quality Nordic skiing opportunities in the Maine foothills and along the coastal plain this winter has been a challenge. A succession of mixed precipitation storms resulted in minimal snow pack and often icy surfaces.

Based on my experience, Rangeley Lakes Trails Center located on the north slope of the Saddleback Mountain Range usually has colder weather and receives more reliable snowfall. That has been generally true again this winter. However, they also had some rain and warm temperatures. I’d been watching their trail reports for an opportunity for a final ski before winter ended.

A large trail map on a kiosk at the Tote Road Junction helps skiers plan their itinerary in March 2022. Credit: Courtesy of Ron Chase

In mid-March, the Rangeley area received several inches of new snow. Emails were quickly exchanged between my wife, Nancy, and me and our retired friends, Diane and John Stokinger. Within a couple of hours, we’d cleared our calendars and made motel reservations for two days of skiing and snowshoeing on the Rangeley Lakes Trails; proof that elderly folks can respond with alacrity when sufficiently motivated.

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