2022’s final games a time to fall off a cliff?

We want to believe.

The structure of the MLB season makes it so easy, after all, with 162 three-hour sprints (give or take a few extra minutes for a Gregory Soto relief appearance) comprising one six-month marathon toward the promise of the future. One good game begets another, and another, and pretty soon, PLAYOFFS!

Of course, it hasn’t worked that way for the Detroit Tigers in 2022, when even the “one good game” happenings have been few and far between. Still, even after they were mathematically eliminated (for the eighth straight season) from postseason contention Tuesday, we wanted to believe.

We wanted to believe, as the Freep’s Carlos Monarrez pointed out here, that at least the ignominy of 100 losses was avoidable.

And so after the Tigers gut out a 10-inning comeback win over the semi-mighty Chicago White Sox on a pleasant Friday night at Comerica Park, we wanted to believe reliever Alex Lange when he told the Freep’s Evan Petzold, “We’re going to continue to work, and we got a lot to prove. We’re going to finish strong and ride the momentum into next year.”

Hello, and welcome to the Bittersweet 16 Newsletter.

Alex Lange gave up 14 earned runs in August 2022, and 11 in April, May, July, July and September combined.

Turns out, the Tigers had momentum over the weekend the same way Wile E. Coyote had momentum when chasing the Roadrunner toward a tunnel in the desert.

Meep meep! Two more losses! (Though Saturday’s at least took 11 innings — the Wile E. Coyote equivalent of having just enough time to read the “Meep meep!” tag on the bomb just delivered by the Roadrunner.)

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