11 electrocuted after temple chariot touches live wire during religious procession in India

At least eleven people, including three children, were electrocuted after a temple chariot they were travelling with came in contact with an overhead high-transmission live wire in Kalimedu village near Thanjavur district of India’s Tamil Nadu.

The accident happened while the chariot was being pulled by devotees during a religious procession that was held to celebrate the 94th Appar Gurupoojai (festival for Lord Ayyapa) on Wednesday.

Three people died on the spot while eight died at a local hospital. Fifteen people who sustained injuries in the incident are being treated at Thanjavur Medical College hospital.

“This is an annual festival and when they were moving the chariot, the accident occurred. We are investigating if it touched the high-tension wire or was it due to the ‘arc of influence’. An FIR has been filed to find out the exact cause of the accident,” said Trichy Zone Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), Balakrishnan.